I took a chill in Ibiza

So our crossing to Menorca turned out to be a crossing to Mallorca and 20 hours turned out to be 28.5hrs!

But what an experience it was. I was so anxious about our first night sail and the practicalities thereof that I forgot to contemplate what it may offer me. A horizon to horizon view of the Milky Way against an inky black sky and watching the orange moon rise made me unsure of what I could wish for on the streaks of shooting stars. Alone on watch between midnight and 2 gliding through the dark sea with with a silky warm breeze, I felt a sense of pure peace and awe.

Team Tucker certainly had a sailing holiday! We went clockwise around Mallorca somehow 30 degrees to the wind every day! which resulted in us needing to sail daily and long distances to get to Palma. Guided by dolphins and anchoring against sandstone cliffs with unspoilt turquoise waters teaming with wildlife not to forget catching a tuna on our night crossing providing us with sushi and plenty of tuna meals made for a very special time with team Tucker.

Palma being suggested by Judy Tucker as her favourite place in the world for an extensively well travelled lady did not disappoint. With a gothic cathedral that beats any other I have seen, to endless cafes, restaurants, gorgeous shops and architectural marvels, it made the marina worth our while at 160 euros per night! In addition this marina looked like a shabby ship yard but offering the prime town location and clearly not caring that Neil and Andrew serviced LodeStar and provided oil disposal, it was perfect. Neil, Abby and Maddie left us from Palma taking a high speed ferry to Valencia on the mainland and we set off (31st July) to try out our new anchor that we also bought in Palma, upgrading from our 20kg Delta to a 33kg Rockna providing us much sounder sleep!

The wind being favorable on the 2nd August meant we cut our Mallorca exploration slightly short but meant we made it to Ibiza faster than we expected and reached Lodestar’s record speed of 8.3kts.

I thought Ibiza meant discos, doef doef and daring clothes (which make no mistake would highly appeal if that was what our traveling was about) but with the girls, we were told not to dismiss the northern side of the island. Our experience has been quite different to the idea of expensive night clubs, this side we are immersed in a heady hazy hippy haven. From naked clumps of heliotropes, to incense burning hemp weavers, jewelry and leather artists and drummers, the cove has been the perfect spot to gather ourselves after 3 months of guests. And of course joining in the hip jiggling mesmerizing drumming session at sunset provided another new eye opener for the girls.

Using a website called noforeignland linking fellow sailors in the area, we hooked up with a German family doing a similar thing on their catamaran Kirlana for the day in Cala D’Hort before making our way back to Spanish mainland.


  1. Hi there Jennings,

    What a lovely story.

    I trust that all is well on your side and your adventure is giving you more than your expectation.

    We have had a crazy first half year in the sawmill business. The poor economy is certainly biting into the viability of business but we are hanging in. Jane is doing a champion job in marketing, sales, running the mill, accreditation and her studies.

    We have just finished our last load of mac nuts delivered to the factory from the farm. The macs have done us proud but the avos were a disaster. Very high temperature in September which caused a big flower drop, hail in October and an off season for the fruit; all this did not give us a good return.

    Quite envious of your cruising the Med!!

    Lots of love to you all,



    • Thanks Gav. And thanks for the news. Sorry to hear the avos weren’t a great return this year. I find it amazing how the elements can change the best laid plans. Farming is certainly not a just a science. We are loving our adventure and it has without a doubt given me more than I was hoping for so far. Xx


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